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Our Bible Institute


The Berean Bible Institute & School of Ministry

Bishop Joseph N. Williams, President
Elder Adrienne Hight, Administrator
The Scripture records in Ephesians 4:1-16 the ordained order for God’s House and its purpose for every servant / leader of God. God’s purpose for the Church is to bring many sons to glory. For the Church to reach this goal, her leaders must lead the way. The leaders of the Church must be the first partakers of the glorious plan of God in maturing His sons. First and foremost, He must develop the character and personality of the Lord Jesus in the Church leaders before He can form it in His people at large.
At the Berean Bible Institute & School of Ministry, we not only “birth forth” the gifting, calling and anointing on one’s life, but we emphasize the importance of character development as well—the mark and fruit of a “true” Christian servant / leader. We nurture not only character, but a Godly lifestyle—a lifestyle that testifies to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.
Every servant / leader who God uses in any capacity must first be prepared to function in that capacity. Proper preparation is the only assurance of a leader functioning effectively for God. Many leaders greatly desire to function effectively, but far fewer are willing to pay the price of being made ready for the task. God Himself has a tailor-made education for each of His servant / leaders—if only they are willing to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God to be broken, submitted and charged. To God be all the glory!

A small sampling of our dynamic and systematic curriculum includes:


·      Hermeneutics:  How to Interpret & Study the Bible

·      Homiletics: How to Prepare Sermons

·      Dynamic Christian Foundations

·      Christian Character Development

·      Old & New Testament Survey; The Gospels; The Book of Acts

·      Understanding the Prophetic; The Anointing of God; The Call of God

·      Evangelism

·      The Pentateuch

·      Church History

·      Pastoral Ministry

·      Faith Dynamics; Theology of Worship; Principles and Power of Prayer

·      Pneumatology; Christology; Eschatology



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